Services Provided For Adoptive Parents

  1. Free consultation regarding their adoption options in person, over the telephone or via e-mail. We are happy to help you explore all options until you arrive at the type of adoption plan that is right for your family.
  2. An application is supplied to the potential adoptive family to be completed and submitted along with the application fee.
  3. Following an approved application, a Pre-Placement Study (homestudy) which is an assessment for adoption, will be completed. For families inside New Mexico, this includes home visits and face-to-face interviews. For families outside of New Mexico, a licensed agency in their state of residence will complete the homestudy. Adoption Assistance Agency will provide information to the homestudy agency to make sure the homestudy addresses all the issues required by New Mexico so there will be no delay in placing a child.
  4. If the Pre-Placement Study is approved, the adoptive family is shown to birthparents who are planning an adoption via a photo album.
  5. Birthparents are interviewed, screened and counseled regarding adoption.
  6. Once selected by a birthparent, Adoption Assistance Agency provides all the professional social work services for the entire adoption process. Legal services are separate.
  7. We provide emotional support throughout the entire adoptive process. If needed, professional counseling regarding infertility or grief issues may be provided as well.
  8. For agency placements, Adoption Assistance Agency is authorized to make adoptive placements of the child pending the finalization of the adoption.
  9. We provide all of the adoption documentation prepared on the adoptive family and on the birthparents to the attorney of your choice so that your adoption petition may be filed with the court.
  10. We provide a referral list of attorneys with whom we have experience and whom we believe will provide expert service for filing your adoption. However, you may select any attorney of your choosing.
  11. We provide post placement services that involve follow-up, visits and support after the child is placed to help insure the successful and happy transition and growth of the family.
  12. We provide the Post Placement Report to the court and consent for the finalization of the adoption.
  13. We love our families and children and enjoy updates or families dropping by the office for a quick visit!