Why a Non-Profit Agency?

A non-profit adoption agency must qualify with the Internal Revenue Service as an organization that meets its definition for “non-profit.” Adoption Assistance Agency is a 501C-3 and has held this status since 1997. Simply put, Adoption Assistance Agency is a not-for-profit agency and does not seek, in any way, to profit from the needs of children for a family, the plights of birthparents facing unplanned pregnancies and the heartache of adoptive parents, who long to have children. The fees that are charged are for the living expenses of birthparents and for the necessary, legally-required, and important services to place children into safe, loving and stable adoptive homes. There is no owner or CEO who enjoys a luxurious salary or living because of other people’s life circumstances. Adoption Assistance Agency is “owned” by a Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteer members and none of whom financially benefit in any way. Our staff works for modest salaries and give generously of their time and energy for the sake of our children, birthparents, and adoptive parents. The needs of our clients motivate us not any income that can be derived from them. We are here to serve you because we care about you.