Is adoption right for me?


PLANS FOR YOUR FUTURE: (school, career, marriage, etc.)
The following are various options you may wish to consider in making a future plan for your child.  Carefully consider each option and the benefits (pros) and drawbacks (cons) for each.  Then compare your answers and decide which avenue will provide the best future for your child and for yourself.
                a.  Pros 
                b. Cons
                c.  What income and financial resources do you have or will you have in order to live and provide for yourself and your child?
                d.  Will you request child support from the child’s father?  If so, how likely is he to provide dependable support and how much can you expect to receive regularly?
                e.  Which State Aid programs (TANF, WIC, Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc.) are you currently enrolled in or could you qualify for?
                f.  What is your support system for child care help, financial help, emotional support?  How much help will they provide?
               g.  Plans for child care:
               h.  Is the birthfather keeping and parenting the child a good option? Why or why not?
               i.  Many children are exposed to harm through individuals the biological parent forms relationships with in romantic or living situations. How will you guarantee the protection and care of your child in future relationships?
2. TEMPORARY CARE WITH OTHERS: family, friends, foster care 
              a.  Pros 
              b. Cons
              c.   Who will provide care for your child and for how long?
              d.  Will they require you to provide financial support?
              e.  What time frame will you want for temporary care?
               f.  How do you plan to maintain a relationship with your child so that when you choose to parent the child again, the child will relate to you as the parent?
              g.  How will you transition the child from the temporary family/parents to your parenting and living with the child?
              h.  Children sometimes suffer confusion and pain with these kinds of changes.  How will you help your child with any confusion or pain they may feel?
             a.  Pros 
             b. Cons
             c.  What kind of family would you want to become the parents of your child?
             d.  What kind of contact would you want with the family prior to placement and after placement?  Options include letters, pictures, phone contact, meetings in person, etc.
             e.  What kind of support do you have among family, friends, the birthfather?
             f.  What kind of support do you need?
            g.  What kind of questions do you have about adoption?  
1.   Which option do you believe best provides for your needs in the short term and in the long term?  Why?
2.  Which option do you believe best provides for the needs of your child in the short term and in the long term?  Why?
3.  Which option is best supported by your financial and emotional resources?
4.  Which option do you believe is the best option for your child and for you?
If you would like more information and more counseling relative to your situation, please call Adoption Assistance Agency at 505-821-7779.