Birth Father Information

Whether the father of your baby chooses to be a part of your adoption decision or not, AAA professionals can help guide you through the process of working towards an adoption. Adoption laws vary by state so it is important to work with a professional, who understands that fact, and will skillfully and conscientiously guide the adoption according to the requirements set forth by state law. Of course, it would be great if the father of your baby chose responsible parenting to include emotional and financial support throughout your pregnancy and for the next 18 years. However, if he does not choose to actively participate in raising this child, or participate in your adoption plan, but is not actively fighting in court against the adoption, his rights can be terminated after the baby is born, and you can move forward with the plan you feel is best for your baby. We can help you know how to talk with the father of your baby, and facilitate that communication. Please call one of our caseworkers 24/7 at: 505-821-7779.