Choosing an Agency


Looking into adoption in New Mexico?  Then Adoption Assistance Agency is here to help you understand why it is important to work with a local agency.  There are many adoption facilitators and large agencies that advertise their services on the national level. It is important that you know that often they are not physically located in the state in which you live, and therefore, are not licensed to actually provide the birthparent counseling or the homestudy that state law requires for adoptive parents to be approved to adopt. These services and others must be provided by an agency located and licensed in the state in which you live. These facilitators and agencies can tell you about adoption, and perhaps facilitate your getting connected with an agency in your state to provide these services, but they can’t work with you personally or to provide face-to-face counseling or the ongoing, day to day help you will need to help you with your adoption plan and post-placement counseling.

It is often a surprise to a potential adoptive family that the fees paid to the adoption facilitator or to a large out-of-state agency do not cover many of the services you will need to complete your adoption. Be sure to learn what services are required for your adoption and if those services are covered by the fees you are asked to pay.

Did you know that adoption laws vary by state? Agencies or facilitators in other states may not be well-versed or experienced in New Mexico adoption law. We know adoption in New Mexico. We know what is required by New Mexico state law and New Mexico regulations. We have extensive experience with how adoption works in New Mexico. Even if you live in another state, your child and your birthmom would come from New Mexico. We know what is needed for them.

Each person is unique. Every adoption plan is personal. You deserve to have someone help you day to day…step by step, with in-person, responsive service. Your unique and personal adoption plan requires good communication and regular face-to-face appointments to provide you with timely and responsive services.  You will be surprised how important a comfortable, trusting relationship with your adoption agency will become. Choose a responsive, local agency who will walk you through this important change in your lives.  You can be done searching for the right agency to help you with your adoption in New Mexico, and know you’ve found the right local agency to help you through this process in Adoption Assistance Agency.