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As my daughter’s birthday and Christmas came and went there was one woman who was heavy on my heart through these joyful times in my home.  It was our daughter’s birthmother. I thought about her a lot. We have a closed adoption so I don’t know much about her birthmom, but with what I do know I prayed for her throughout the season. I wondered if she had a support system in her life. I wondered if she felt joy at the knowledge that her baby was in a loving home or if she felt grief.

I imagine it was a mixture of both.

It drew me back to all of my feelings regarding our daughter’s birthmom. I can’t imagine a woman more brave.  I can’t imagine a woman more loving.  She chose life! She chose to give this beautiful, amazing, sweet, dramatic little girl life.  Even though the cost was great to her own heart, out of love she chose to give her very best to this precious little girl.  As people have discovered that our daughter is adopted I’ve had the full range of comments and I lovingly and consistently tell people what a heroine my baby’s birthmother was and IS!

Placing a baby for adoption isn’t just “dumping” something that doesn’t fit into a woman’s life, it is the most sacrificial love I can think of. Loving a child so much that that love transcends all desire for themselves. Birthmom’s are AMAZING!  I’ve met several of them and all of them act according to a great love for their child.

Even though I’ve never met her, I LOVE my daughter’s birthmother. Not just because she is an answer to our prayers, but also because she loves her precious baby, my precious baby.  There is not a day goes by that I don’t think of this woman and pray for her.  She is one amazing woman!

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I am a wife and the mother of 5 children, 4 biological sons and 1 adopted princess, each and every one of them incredible treasures perfectly designed for our home.
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4 Responses to thoughts from an adoptive mom

  1. Beth says:

    My heart softens as I read your generous and loving words. I would like to someday share my story more in full with you and others but suffice it to say that your perceptions of birth mothers is right on target. I am a birth mother. I did, do, and forever will love my biological daughter. She is 2 1/2 years old now and I just recently put her pictures away. I had them on the wall, but I knew it was time to fully let her go. You see, it is both the greatest joy and the greatest sorrow to make an adoption plan for a child. And yes, it is a selfless love. I say this not to build myself up, but to verify that this decision is not made from a desire to be rid of a child, but rather out of the deepest purest love I have ever known. Holidays are hard, I miss my baby, but I am thankful for her familly and that she brings life, love, and laughter to many people just by being herself. Thank you again for your sweet loving spirit. God bless!
    Beth Trujillo

    • Sharon says:

      Beth….You are a beautiful, loving, and giving person! I treasure you…your heart….your courage….and am thankful for the beautiful way you articulate and share your feelings and experiences with others. I know it helps many!

  2. LisaCawthon says:

    Wow– that is beautiful Jasmine!! So true and so well said!!

  3. Sharon says:

    Jasmine……you and your family are of such great encouragement to me. If we have gifts that we do not share, then what are they but dust? But you….you share your heart….your talents……your optimism and faith in ways that speak gently to the spirit and ministers healing and comfort to the hurting heart!

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