Heart of Mine

I have to share with you this poem beautifully written by a birthmother. She is a courageous woman as are all of the women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy and choose life. No matter the circumstances, the choice is made out of LOVE.

Heart of Mine

I listened to you, heart of mine
For nine months of the year
I called you Little Sweetheart
Darling, Dumpling, Angel Dear
I loved you more then life itself
I prayed for you each day
And when you came all pink and warm
I gave my Heart away
I couldn’t bear to lose you
But I couldn’t keep you fed
I couldn’t be the Mom you’d need
So I picked one out instead
I trusted her to do for you
What I couldn’t do alone
So I kissed your cheek and bid you well
And gave my heart a home
I know that some day you will see
The love that held me tight
To know you had all I could give
and know that I did right
and so I listen still, my Heart
not nine months but all year
and know you know I love you so
you’re still my Angel Dear

About mosey

I am a wife and the mother of 5 children, 4 biological sons and 1 adopted princess, each and every one of them incredible treasures perfectly designed for our home.
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