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Lisa Cawthon is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Like many of our adoptive parents, she does not have children (other than a beloved kitty cat who is convinced she is his mom, and two lovely step-daughters). Her heart is full of passion for adoption as well as hope and concern for all of those involved in the process.

Melanie’s Story: Another Precious Birth Parent Adoption Assistance Agency Had The Privilege To Know

Growing up,  I always said I did not want children, but there was something inside telling me I wanted children; this may have been that motherly instinct every girl has.  I had always said that because I have a little … Continue reading

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Birth Fathers are often involved! Check out the following written by one of our precious Birth Fathers

My Story about the Miracle of Adoption I believe that every parent makes decisions regarding their children, some of those decisions are right and some are wrong. But the only content in those decisions is that they were made in … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Johanna and Matt– Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a journey filled with defining moments and profound lessons. Our journey began four years ago when my husband and I found out we could not have children. God had another plan for us, adoption. At first our hearts … Continue reading

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Words from a Birth Mother

The following was written and shared by Christine: “I am 100% confident in my decision to do an adoption plan for my baby. I prayed and knew it was the best decision for the baby and my family. We were … Continue reading

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