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I am a wife and the mother of 5 children, 4 biological sons and 1 adopted princess, each and every one of them incredible treasures perfectly designed for our home.

real perspective

Upon my entrance into the adoption world I couldn’t understand how a woman could give up her baby, at first I thought it might be a case of her just not wanting a child. But NOW… OH have my eyes … Continue reading

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Her Eyes

Every single time I really stop and look into my daughters eyes I truly feel weak at the knees.. My heart races, she is SO beautiful so perfect and such a gift.  When I sing to her it’s more than … Continue reading

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thoughts from an adoptive mom

As my daughter’s birthday and Christmas came and went there was one woman who was heavy on my heart through these joyful times in my home.  It was our daughter’s birthmother. I thought about her a lot. We have a … Continue reading

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Types of adoption: Open, Semi-Open, or Closed.

A beautiful explanation of the types of adoption available to suite each family written by Lisa: A fully open adoption can almost be described as a family relationship with open invitations to call and visit each other. Semi-Open generally includes … Continue reading

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Reputable Adoption Agency or Adoption Facilitator?

What’s the difference between an adoption facilitator and an adoption agency? Adoption Facilitator An Adoption Facilitator is not licensed or authorized by the U.S. or foreign government, which means there are no legal standards they must meet and no oversight of … Continue reading

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Heart of Mine

I have to share with you this poem beautifully written by a birthmother. She is a courageous woman as are all of the women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy and choose life. No matter the circumstances, the choice … Continue reading

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The heart of an agency

The following was posted as a comment, but I thought it was so wonderful that it must be a part of the actual blog… Thank you Lindsey for all that you have done! We are all praying that God will … Continue reading

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It is my hope and my desire that as we begin the journey of writing this blog, it will be informative, encouraging and useful in furthering both the joy of adoption but also in the protection of all parties involved … Continue reading

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