What Chores?!

I have wanted to blog about our adoption experience since November of last year.  The only problem is, I have a baby!  An active, curious, happy baby boy who wants to type when I type and scroll when I scroll.  When I’m sitting at the computer he crawls over and pulls himself up on my leg, begging to sit on my lap.  Because I was 39 years old when we got our beautiful baby, I had had plenty of time over the years to take care of and help raise lots of other babies.  This meant seeing how fast they grow and that they can change so much from one day to the next.  Sometimes they start a new funny face one day and replace it with a completely new face the next.  Each new experience happens so fast and can be so fleeting.  My husband and I have asked each other more than once, “Did we ever get that on tape?!”  So, even before we got our son I had determined I was going to enjoy my time with him.  Therefore, the laundry waits, piled up on the dining table, and the dishes linger on the counter.  And when my son wants to sit on my lap and pound on the keyboard, we do that and laugh instead of writing a long-intended blog.  But, it’s totally worth it.

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