It is my hope and my desire that as we begin the journey of writing this blog, it will be informative, encouraging and useful in furthering both the joy of adoption but also in the protection of all parties involved in adoption.

Anyone who has ever adopted knows that the entire process is just covered in love, from the love the birthmother has for her unborn child as she chooses life. To the love that the adoptive parents have for that child as they wait and pour their hearts into the process to bring that baby home. The love that the caseworkers at Adoption Assistance Agency have for each and every person who walked through their doors.

I am an adoptive mother who has walked a long hard road in our adoption journey but yet it was one filled with joy and comfort. I cannot imagine having walked this road without the hands of those ladies at AAA ready to help us at any moment. I will be writing from my heart, sharing the burden I have for the truth, for adoptions that are honorable and are the right thing for all parties involved in bring a child home for life. It is my prayer that in raising awareness about the truths of Agency Adoptions VS. Facilitators perhaps we can bring our precious agency back in a newer and even stronger way.

About mosey

I am a wife and the mother of 5 children, 4 biological sons and 1 adopted princess, each and every one of them incredible treasures perfectly designed for our home.
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  1. Lindsey Burnett says:

    I have had the blessing of working at Adoption Assistance Agency for the last two years and I’m truely sadend about the outcome we had to take. As I prayed for the agency, something in me said that maybe it takes a reputable agency such as ours to “go out of business” to finally get the point across and get people to become pro-active to fight these facilitators. While I write this, I think about all our wonderful familes that we had that no longer feel they can adopt due to funds and how expensive other agencies (such as facilitators) can be. My heart breaks for them, we have worked with all of them for so long and so desperately long for a baby to complete thieir families.
    One thing I do know is this, I will continue to pray for our families and the Adoption Assistance Agency, because the power of prayer is strong and with the Lord by our side, anything is possible. I truely believe we will shut down these facilitators and push them out of New Mexico, and prayerfully out of other states as well. And as for the Agency, I will pray we will continue to receive families that need homestudies or counseling so that we can stay alive through this ordeal and someday do adoptions for families again the way God had intended it. I know the Good Lord is with us and is using us still to impact our community. We have too much love and devotion to just sit back and watch our agency fade!

    Lindsey B.

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