Reputable Adoption Agency or Adoption Facilitator?

What’s the difference between an adoption facilitator and an adoption agency?

Adoption Facilitator

An Adoption Facilitator is not licensed or authorized by the U.S. or foreign government, which means there are no legal standards they must meet and no oversight of their activities. If there are problems, there’s no licensing authority to complain to. Facilitators work on a per-case basis and receive a commission per child. Hence they have an incentive to place as many children as possible. This creates a conflict of interest between protecting the rights of children and birth parents on one hand and maximizing profits on the other.

Reputable Adoption Agency

A reputable adoption agency, by contrast, is fully authorized and accountable for its actions.  Reputable adoption agencies:

  • are licensed and accredited, both in the United States and in the countries placing children for adoption.
  • abide by ethical standards. They take no shortcuts, pay no bribes, work directly with the responsible authorities and document every step of the adoption process.
  • serve children first and parents second.
  • pay their domestic and foreign staff a fixed salary, no matter how many children they place. They provide support to institutions and agencies in the child’s birth country to serve children who cannot be adopted.
  • work before, during and after the adoption to evaluate the parents’ readiness to adopt, help family members adjust to each other, and track the child’s progress after the adoption.
  • provide training and education to prepare families for the challenges of adoption.

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