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Upon my entrance into the adoption world I couldn’t understand how a woman could give up her baby, at first I thought it might be a case of her just not wanting a child. But NOW… OH have my eyes been opened. I used to think to myself, I could never give up one of my children… How could any woman do that? As if I was a better mother than them. My eyes have been opened to the truth behind an adoption plan though, and it is one of my personal missions to make people know the true heart that goes into one.

It is NOT true. Having known a handful of birthmothers, learned their stories, and observed their hearts. I am no better. There is no difference in their mothering abilities and mine. These women courageously go against this culture and carry, nurture, love, protect and grow their child for 9 months in more difficult circumstances than most of us could imagine and then the lay out sacrificial love and do what they believe to the very best choice for their baby. If I had no other choice, no way to feed and clothe my baby, or was in dangerous circumstances to a child’s well being wouldn’t I do the same? I’m not any better of a mother, I can’t do a “better” job than she could. I have simply by grace been given the gift of a daughter.

A daughter who has been chosen by the Lord to have two mommies. Both of which I fully believe love her so deeply words can’t touch it. A daughter who has been given by grace. Not because I deserve her but because God has chosen to love me and bless me in spite of me. Just as He has chosen to adopt ME as His own. Incredible.

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I am a wife and the mother of 5 children, 4 biological sons and 1 adopted princess, each and every one of them incredible treasures perfectly designed for our home.
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  1. Johanna says:

    How beautiful! This made me cry.

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