Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story actually included being picked by birth families three separate times. We waited for months to be chosen the first time and were absolutely thrilled when we were told a couple had chosen us to be the parents of their baby boy, who was to be born in about four months. We met with the biological parents and went to a doctor’s appointment with the biological mom. But, for the next doctor’s appointment I waited and waited at the doctor’s office for the biological mom, who never showed up.

Adoption Assistance Agency had told us during the adoptive parents training that it was possible to be chosen but for the adoption not to be finalized, for a myriad of reasons. However, in their long track record the times this had happened to Adoption Assistance Agency adoptive parents was miniscule. Oddly, my husband and I had a lot of peace about this first adoption not coming to fruition, and we found out later that it was God’s gracious providence protecting us from a potentially difficult situation.

We were chosen again, this time by a couple expecting a baby girl. We really liked this couple and felt blessed to be chosen by them. However, they changed their mind and decided to raise the baby. This felt like a greater loss to us and after this event it was more difficult for us to allow ourselves to feel excited about adopting and to fully embrace the process.

But, however difficult, we kept the faith and God gave us the perfect baby boy! We got a call that a baby had been born and the birth mom had chosen us as the adoptive parents.

Throughout the process Adoption Assistance Agency was supportive and offered caring advice. We were so thankful we had chosen them as our adoption agency and continue to thank God for each of them.

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